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Character design project for Game Design methods by Hannah Kim (Art & writing) and Hina Sakazaki (Code & pixel art). Music from Incompetech.

Push: Zoe is an 8 year old girl who had a pet rabbit, Chase. Chase dies from a bad carrot. Zoe is curious, brave, and naive, willing to explore necromancy to bring Chase back.

Pull: Zoe feels some guilt for letting Chase die, loves Chase, and wants to try new things (necromancy) to bring back Chase so she can feed him again.

Obstacles: Puzzles (set of doors with cryptic short poems) to get to rescuing Chase (mini games). Every time she succeeds in bringing Chase back, he dies from another reason (that is worse than the previous: rotten carrot --> car crash --> animal abuse by neighboring bullies), and the ritual becomes harder and harder and the underworld becomes darker and darker. Naivete and innocence of sparkly bright colors turns grimmer and bloodier as she slowly realizes that changing fate only worsens reality.